Baiser Fou Pour Femme/Pasha Edition Noire Pour Homme

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LOS ANGELES, CA (LA ELEMENTS) 9/8/2017 – King Edward the VII of England once referred to Cartier as, “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.” Although the French company, which was founded in 1847, is best known for luxury jewelry and wristwatches that stand the test of time, their fragrance collection has also made a lasting impression.

Baiser Fou by Cartier

Baiser Fou by Cartier

Cartier’s newest fragrance for women, Baiser Fou, was released earlier this year in March. The name of Cartier’s newest perfume for women literally translates to mean, “crazy kiss” in French. Mathilde Laurent who has been the in-house perfumer for Cartier since 2005, created a fusion of distinctive notes in the making of Baiser Fou.   Notes of white chocolate and purple orchid come together to give this perfume its trademark sweet “scentsation.” With Baiser Fou, Cartier achieves their mission of creating a perfume with an essence that is mischievous yet feminine.  Perfect for the summer or for those times when you don’t want summer to end.  Baiser Fou is available in 1.7 and 2.5 oz. Eau de Parfum.


Pasha Noire Edition by Cartier

Pasha Noire Edition by Cartier

A generation ago, Cartier created Pasha de Cartier,  their memorable fragrance for men. Pasha de Cartier, Edition Noire, takes that classic fragrance and gives it a contemporary feel, an  au courant spirit. The citrus notes in Pasha de Cartier, Edition Noire, offer a striking balance to those of amber and cedar.  By creating this fragrance with its distinctly fresh and masculine essence, Cartier has created a modern classic.

Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire is available in Eau de Toilette (3.3 oz.) and shower gel (3.3 oz)

For information on how to purchase the Cartier fragrances mentioned in this article, please visit the  official site of Cartier or  Sephora.

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