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Audrina Patridge joins Michael Costello, Vanessa Simmons and Amber Farr in a panel discussion

LOS ANGELES, CA -Designer Amber Farr, tv personality Audrina Patridge, designer Michael Costello and Vanessa Simmons speak onstage during SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion + Beauty Conference Powered By NYLON at The Grove on July 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images )



LOS ANGELES, CA (LA ELEMENTS) 7/23/2017 – When Audrina Patridge first came onto the scene, it was of course in the MTV reality series, The Hills. Since then, she has launched a career in film, television and most recently, fashion, as the creator and designer of Prey Swim. We caught up with Audrina at Simply LA, the fashion and beauty conference that took place in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Read here for our complete coverage of the day’s events.


I know that you are a new mom but speaking strictly about work, what is your passion?

“Well I love the entertainment industry. I love hosting, I love entertaining and being on camera.  But it’s not consistent. Now that I have a baby and a family, I feel like I need something a little more consistent. So my second passion is swimwear, that lifestyle of being around the water. So I really wanted to focus on that and really give it a go and it’s been doing really well.”

What fashion trends are you really loving right now?

 “For swim and in general, I love the high-waisted. I love high-waisted jeans, I love high-waisted bathing suits. In our next two collections which we’re showing in Miami, there’s a lot of high-waisted and one pieces. I love pieces that transition from day to night so you can change up the look. Whether it’s with a hat, accessories, heels, you can throw on jeans over them and it changes the whole look.  (Editor’s note: The Prey Swim collection which included looks from Resort 2018, was shown at Miami Swim Week on Friday, July 21.)

Ok now switching gears, I happened to hear you mention that your family is vegan.

“Yes, my dad and my sisters.”

Is this something that you’re considering for yourself as well?

“Yeah…. I’m teeter- tottering. I see them and they are so particular in what they order and what they eat. I’m slowly getting there but I love steak and I love chicken. It’s easier to eat when you can eat everything. Being a vegan you have to be very disciplined and eat at home a lot. I’m on the go so it’s a little harder for me.”

What about vegan beauty products? Do you actively seek them out?

“You know, I recently just started getting more and more into vegan cosmetics. So yes, I’m really aware of the different brands. I love Tata Harper. She’s one of my favorites. All that is organic, anything that’s from the earth and not chemically made, I love. If there’s anything on the back of the product box, that I can’t pronounce, then I’m kind of turning those products down now unless it’s something that I absolutely have to have. But yes, I am starting to turn more and more towards vegan products.”

Audrina Patridge with a piece from Prey Swim

Audrina Patridge features pieces from her line Prey Swim during SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion + Beauty Conference Powered By NYLON. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images)


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