The Sound of Celebration: GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

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King GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

Members of King from l. to r. Anita Bias, Paris Strother and Amber Strother

BEVERLY HILLS, (LA ELEMENTS) 2/20/17 – “I grew up on a lot of Soul, R & B and Funk music,” says Anita Bias, who was attending the GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge at McLaren Auto Gallery on February 11th, 2017. “The group I’m in, King, we like to add all those elements to make a unique sound.”

The unique sound of their album, We Are King clearly impressed the voters of the Recording Academy enough to earn a nomination for “Best Urban Contemporary Album” at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

King were among the array of outstanding talent attending the exclusive GBK event along with Diplo, Ally Brooke Hernandez from Fifth Harmony, singer-songwriter Jake Miller and more.

Also prominent at the GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge, were a selection of gift sponsors offering a variety of products and services.

Innovative tech vendors always seem to find their way to GBK events and this gift lounge was no exception.


GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge DJ Diplo

DJ Diplo with his new premium portable speaker from Sound Bot.


Sound Bot Speakers The SB520 3D Wireless Premium Portable Speaker with HD Driver is designed to deliver exhilarating High Definition sound quality. Ryan Tang, the rep from Sound Bot distributer Volcus, says, “I like to say that you don’t just listen to the beat, you can actually feel the beat. You see how the green light is on? When the green light is on that means 3D is activated. When 3D is activated that means instead of going directly to you, the sound goes around everywhere.”

Don’t let the compact size of the Sound Bot Speakers fool you. The sound is powerful as well as crystal clear. Another outstanding feature of the Sound Bot Speakers is its ability to function for 15 straight hours before the battery needs to be re-charged.

Soundbot wasn’t the only tech company represented at GBK. Hifiman gifted their high performance headphones to VIP guests. Audiopark offered their ear buds that served as “audio fashion” with their various designs.

Beauty products and services are always a stand-out at GBK events and there were several notable brands at this luxury lounge.

Lusetta Beauty GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

All guests of GBK received the Luseta Beauty hair care gift set.

“We make professional quality hair care products with natural ingredients,” says Luseta Beauty representative and founder, actress Ashlyn Henson, of her company, which launched in 2012. “We have two series here today. We have our Argan oil and we also have our coconut milk series.”

Guests of GBK received gift sets from Luseta. As of this writing, we tried the Argan Oil Conditioner and the Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum. Our verdict? So far so very good! We loved that despite its name, the conditioner did not “weigh down” our hair and rinsed off nicely. The Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum? Left our tresses feeling soft and looking shiny!

Minki Lashes is unique among other “false eyelash” companies in that they offer cruelty-free and eco- friendly Siberian mink eyelashes, for a more natural effect.

Derma Go is a medical mobile spa that will provide services such as Botox, Juvederm and Clear and Brilliant in the comfort of your own home. No telltale trips to the doctor’s office…

Kandi Burrus GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

Recording artist Kandi Burruss attends the GBK Pre-Grammy Lounge at the McLaren Auto Gallery on February 11, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.


On the fashion front, American Hat Makers gifted celebrities from their selection of stylish and trendy leather hats, all handmade here in California. From the traditional cowboy style to the coveted steampunk look, American Hat Makers has everyone covered.

Other outstanding gift sponsors included Mr. Foodtastic, creator of the flavorful spice perfect for popcorn, Jiusko USA, manufacturers of affordable luxury timepieces, 4 Copas Tequila, “The Original Organic Agave Tequila” and Meal and a Speil, offering selections of their blend of Italian and California cooking, cuisine and gifting VIP guests with certificates for free cooking lessons.

The charity sponsor this year was the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This acclaimed charity invited four children as their special guests for this exclusive event. Not only did they get the chance to meet some of their favorite recording stars, but also each child received gifts from the participating gift sponsors.

Since this was an event honoring music’s biggest night, the McLaren and Maserati showrooms were decorated with memorabilia from musical icons. Original artwork from Michael Jackson, a signed guitar from Prince and album covers signed by Whitney Houston, George Michael and Lou Reed, were among the treasured mementos on display.


Ally Brooke Fifth Harmony : GBK Pre-Grammy Awards Gift Lounge

Ally Brooke Hernandez of Fifth Harmony poses with the McLaren 675 LT Spider


All photography courtesy of Tiffany Rose for GBK/Getty Images unless otherwise stated.

Cover photo of Ally Brooke Hernandez of Fifth Harmony, Diplo and Anita Bias.

Cover photo of Anita Bias courtesy of Maserati of Beverly Hills.

To find out more about GBK and the sponsors mentioned in this article, please visit their websites.


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