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LOS ANGELES, CA (LA ELEMENTS) 8/13/2017 – “Most of the headphones that you’ve ever seen have one speaker in one headphone,” says 1More Marketing Director in the Americas, David Przygoda. “Well that’s limiting. What we’ve done is we actually have three different speakers in one earbud so our headphones sound amazing. They’re currently number one, number two in Consumer Reports. The Verge just called them the best headphones you can buy under a hundred bucks. We’ve been giving these away to the celebrity fans and they’ve been loving it.” What should customers look for next from the first ever THX certified headphones? “We have a line coming out with Swarovski so we’re going to be an official Swarovski crystal headphone. They’ll have a silver one and a couple other colors. This has 5,000 or so crystals on it and it’ll be coming out later this year in partnership with Swarovski, we’re really excited about that.”

Sway Lee of Rae Sremmurd at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

Swae Lee from the crowd pleasing band Rae Sremmurd stops by the 1MORE display at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

Headphones from 1MORE were just one of the outstanding gifts offered to winners, presenters and nominees of the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT which was held on Saturday, August 12 at USC’s Galen Center. The official gifting lounge of this year’s Teen Choice Awards pretty much had something for everyone with offerings in tech, fashion and wellness dream getaways.

“The first property is called The Retreat in Costa Rica,” says representative Julie Zamorra. “It is a Diana Stobo property. She is a celebrity chef and a health and wellness coach. These are her properties so when you stay there, it’s about health and wellness. They do yoga twice daily. There are lots of things to help de-stress your life. The talent that comes in today will get a certificate for a two-night stay Wellness package. The second property is the Island Plantation Luxury Jungle Resort in Panama. With this resort they’ll get a four-night stay for a beachfront suite. The good news is between these two properties, it’s only a about an hour and a half flight. So, if you have time you can do both in the same trip.”

Miles Brown and Hudson Yang at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

Hudson Yang (Fresh Off The Boat) and Miles Brown (Black-ish) kick back in style at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

Styling credit for the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT goes to Josh Johnson. Johnson’s selection of vibrant colors, notably turquoise, and whimsical artwork gave the Retreat its fun and trendy ambience. “The event of course sets a tone because you have to consider the demographic for the events,” says Johnson of his design process for the event. “It’s always a different setup for every event and we just kind of think about who might be coming in, who the guest list might be and tailor it around that atmosphere, that personality.” As an example, Johnson noted that his approach to creating the style of a luxury lounge for the Emmy Awards would of course be different from his selections for the Teen Choice Awards.  “Usually, what I’ll start with is color inspiration. A lot of times for me, inspiration is color driven, palette driven or even piece driven. It could be a piece of furniture it could be a piece of artwork that I bring in and I will build off of.”

Any advice for those of us who might want to try our own hand at interior designing?

“Find something that you love and build your idea for a theme around it because it just gives you a great basis for a starting place so you can always go back and say, ‘this is my inspiration for designing this’. Inspiration is always a great place to start.”

Among the other outstanding brands participating in the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT were:

HANAZUKI from Hasbro. Celebrities were gifted the Blue-tooth- enabled HANAZUKI MOODGLEAM bracelet which changes color according to the wearer’s mood.

Janel Parrish sports the Hanazuki Moodgleam bracelet at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars) sports the Hanazuki Moodgleam bracelet at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT

West Coast Vibes  Customizable Bomber Jacket Lightweight and offering a variety of colors, including thread color, for a jacket that expresses your own unique style.

Kulani Kinis  Fashionable yet affordable swimwear. (not a piece over $45)

SQUISH DEE LISH  These are the newest trend on YouTube right now for kids and a rather cute way to fight stress. Celebrities attending the gifting lounge signed a Squish Dee Lish, which was in turn gifted to a child from the St. Baldricks Foundation.  The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is dedicated to fighting childhood cancers.

Ne-Yo at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT in Los Angeles

Ne-Yo stopping by the Squish Dee Lish display at the TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT in Los Angeles


In addition to the many featured brands at this event, celebrities also walked away with a huge bag filled with an assortment of gifts. Many were practical and some were just plain fun! Among these gifts were:

Art’s Ideas  Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game

Bioderma Water  Water that not only cleanses but removes makeup. Great for all skin types.

BOP IT! MAKER Game from Hasbro Gaming Goes beyone the old BOP IT by allowing players to customize with ten of their own moves.

Cookie Good One large cookie from the Santa Monica boutique that offers an array of flavors including those inspired from your favorite breakfast cereals or even your favorite candle!

Freeman Beauty Infusion Cleansing Charcoal & Probiotics Clay Mask This serum-infused clay mask utilizes charcoal and probiotics for a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience.

Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Daily Herbal Moisturizing Dry Oil Body Spray with SPF 30 Moisturizer formulated for daily use. Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed Oil and their signatuare Citrus Fruit Complex.

Icelandic Pure natural spring water from Iceland.

Invitation Consultants Customized acrylic Teen Choice notepad.

J World Sports Inc Lightweight and compact backpack that can safely carry a laptop. Great for school and/or travel.

MIKE AND IKE Chewy candy in tangy citrus flavors and cherry and strawberry as well.

Mood & Co Soy wax candles.

Pophead Creates instant crazy and fun hairstyles.

The Cellar , the #1 New York Times best selling young adult thriller, by Natasha Preston

Relentless, by Karen Lynch and Slumber by JL Weil, add these to your summer reading list for action and suspense.

Safe Stardom: How To Protect Your Children On Their Road To Fame was written by entertainment lawyer, Robert Pafundi. Seasoned advice for kids and their families who want to get into the biz.

Thera Cane MAX Trigger Point Massager The design of this self-massager makes it easy to get to the hard to reach parts of your body that need relief from tension.

Tom’s of Maine The number one natural deodorant brand. Free from aluminum and available in fragrances such as wild lavender.

The TEEN CHOICE 2017 CELEBRITY RETREAT was produced by Backstage Creations. For more information on Backstage Creations and the brands mentioned in this article, please visit their websites.


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Cover photo of Echosmith at the 1MORE display



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