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W Marissa Kenson for MK Collab

Marissa Kenson for MK Collab


Los Angeles, CA (LA Elements) 6/3/2015 – “Every year the students put on a show to demonstrate their talents and their skills in hair and make-up that they’ve learned from our academies,” says Toni&Guy PR and Marketing Coordinator Jo Wenberg. “It’s an annual show to let the community know that we have amazing stylists.”


From L to R: David Mungcal, Jordan Marcel Mack and Joshua Alexander Garcia for Intra Los Angeles

From L to R: David Mungcal, Jordan Marcel Mack and Joshua Alexander Garcia for
Intra Los Angeles


“The Editorialist” was the theme selected by the Santa Monica campus for this year’s hair and fashion show, which took place at The Well on May 17. Vogue, Nylon, W and Rolling Stone were the magazines whose signature styles were represented on the Toni&Guy catwalk. Fashion designers such as Emily Daccarett , whose designs along with those of Intra Los Angeles, MK Collab, Black and Griege and Pop Murder were featured on the runway, attended the show.




The executive team behind Toni&Guy USA was a strong presence at this event and included Creative Director Zak Mascolo and his wife, Fashion Marketing Director, Caroline Mascolo. CEO Bruno Mascolo whose brothers Giuseppe (Toni) and Gaetano (Guy) founded Toni&Guy back in 1963 took to the runway to deliver opening remarks and welcome invited guests.


Bruno Mascolo

Bruno Mascolo

From L to R: Caroline Mascolo, Zak Mascolo and Andrea K Mascolo

From L to R: Caroline Mascolo, Zak Mascolo and Andrea K Mascolo



The reception given to The Editorialist was as raucous as it was heartfelt. Given the range of magazines chosen to exemplify the theme, it’s not surprising that an extreme variety of styles were showcased. From hardcore punk to elegant cocktail wear, from wild tease outs and cutting edge updos to soft layers, there was something in the styles of both fashion and hair and makeup for everyone.


Nylon Black & Griege

Black & Griege

Vogue Emily Daccarett

Emily Daccarett


Rolling Stone Pop Murder

Rolling Stone
Pop Murder

W Marissa Kenson for MK Collab

Marissa Kenson for MK Collab


Attendance by the Toni&Guy executives at “The Editorialist” made it clear that the Santa Monica academy enjoys a support that  exists well beyond the classroom. Although one might assume that the vast majority of students consist predominantly of millenials, the school’s reach extends even further.  “We have students from age 18 to one who’s 67 years old,” says Wenberg. “They can graduate, get into the world of beauty and hair and work in LA and be capable of working with celebrities and working at a professional level in all areas of hairdressing.”



Founding Director Paul Josph Marzioli with Academy PR and Marketing Coordinator Jo Wenberg

Founding Director Paul Josph Marzioli with Jo Wenberg

Education Director Robina Smith

Education Director Robina Smith


With a number of acclaimed beauty schools in Los Angeles, there is a keen awareness that  Toni&Guy must offer something unique  in its academics to maintain a competitive advantage. Perhaps the answer can be found in the Spotlight Culture program.

“We have Spotlight Culture, that means we teach them how to treat a customer in their chair and make sure they are happy from point A to point Z,” says Wenberg. “They walk in, we teach them how to navigate around problems, how to have the right type of vocabulary with the guests in the chair, how to greet them and send them out and make sure that they’re happy all the time. That is paired with our instructors amazing talents. We are so committed to these students because they are our next generation. A lot of our passion is in making sure that they are comfortable in their hair cutting techniques and their hair coloring techniques. We don’t stop at 4 pm. If they want to learn more we will stay and help them if they want. We pour our heart and soul into this type of education for these students.”

How successful is the Toni&Guy program? One measure would have to be the success of the students themselves in terms of clients and even career opportunities outside of Los Angeles.

“We’re an international company,” says Wenberg. “So last graduating class we had two students go to the London Salon to work and one student went to the Hong Kong salon.  Another one of our students, Xavi, just graduated and he’s working now at Meche in Beverly Hills.”

Cover photo of Team W

For more information on the Toni&Guy Santa Monica Academy please visit their website.

All photography courtesy of Vincent A Chavez. For more information on the photography of Vincent A Chavez please visit his website.

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