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Youth To The People Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez

From l. to r. Youth To The People Founders Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez


LOS ANGELES, (LA ELEMENTS) 4/14/2017 – “Apply the benefits of superfoods + science in a line designed for an active and driven lifestyle” is the mission statement of Youth To The People, the skincare company founded by cousins Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes.

Keeping it in the family, Gonzalez and Cloyes draw inspiration for using natural ingredients in their products from their grandmother, Eva Friederichs, founder of Eva’s Esthetics. It was her passion for beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle and the desire to modernize her vision that serves as the guiding force behind Youth To The People.

What exactly goes into the creation of the Youth To The People skincare line? Lots of great stuff that is good for you! Even better, if you’re looking for skincare that has the qualities of being vegan, utilizes cold-pressed extracts, gentle preservatives and comes all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging, this is it!

Let’s take a closer look at the key elements of the individual products in this line.

Age Prevention Cleanser

Infused with antioxidant powerhouses kale, spinach and green tea. The philosophy being that what keeps us healthy on the inside, must work a little magic on the outside. This cleanser aims not just to gently clean your face but to also offer protection from the damaging effects of the environment and free radicals.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser

Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser


Age Prevention Moisture Cream

This time, you really see the superfood and science fusion as Hyaluronic acid is thrown into the kale, spinach and green tea mix. Relax. Hyaluronic acid is already present in your body especially in the extracellular matrix (non-cellular portion of tissue) of your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a polymer (a big molecule made of smaller molecules) made of two sugars that our cells naturally create. As time passes, the production process of this substance slows down leading to visible signs of aging such as sagging skin.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Moisture Cream

Youth To The People Age Prevention Moisture Cream


Age Prevention Firm And Brighten Serum

Fast acting peptide molecules, kale, vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid join forces to fight premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream works to reduce lines, boost collagen and plump and lock in moisture. Kale, spinach, Tripeptide 5,Crosslinked Hyaluronic acid and an array of vitamins are the ingredients in the newest offering from Youth To The People.

And for those of you who are as obsessed with masks as I am, Youth To The People launched their spirulina infused Age Prevention Superfood Mask on April 11 at


Do try this at home.

The goal was to carry out the most basic of skin care regimens, cleansing and moisturizing, using only the Age Prevention Cleanser and the Age Prevention Moisture Cream received from Youth To The People for ten days. Here are the results.

Day 1  I need to mention my skin type, which is dry/normal and semi-sensitive. First impressions after using the cleanser, my skin felt a little dry. After using the moisturizer, my skin felt a little tight as well. I know it can take a while for skin to adapt to new products, but I wasn’t sure I would get used to this feeling.

Day 2  Interestingly enough, my skin got used to the products. Pretty much over night. This encouraged me to expand use to the décolletage area as well. Why not?

Day 3  Plays well with others. Easy application of my favorite Shiseido foundation. Nothing felt heavy or “caked on.”

Day 4  There is dryness in the areas of my face that tend to already be naturally dry. This was not unexpected. Décolletage and areas of my face with a more “normal” skin type are doing just great however.

Day 5  I am not using these products with a sunscreen. Nevertheless, unlike products with retinol, my skin is not darker from my forays out into the sun.

Day 6  There is a noticeable softening of fine lines on the upper chest and throat area.

Day 7  My skin tone definitely appears to be brighter and more even as well.

Day 10  Fine lines on areas that aren’t naturally dry have softened. My complexion is undeniably even and brighter. Conclusion: If you have normal to oily skin, this combo is ideal for you! If you don’t, you will still see an improvement in overall appearance although dry areas will tend to remain so.  Nonetheless, Youth To The People is a relatively new skin care company, one with an exciting philosophy and a focus on innovation. With that in mind, and after seeing some of the desired results, I can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.


You can purchase products from Youth To The People both online as well as directly from Nordstrom and Sephora. Also available online at Anthropologie as well as select store locations.

For more information on Youth To The People and to purchase please visit their site.


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