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BEVERLY HILLS, CA (LA ELEMENTS) 10/15/2017- Although many of her most notable roles have been in the supporting actress category, Breeda Wool has quite a number of stand-out performances among her credits. Wool’s portrayal of Faith Duluth in Lifetimes’s award winning TV series UnREAL was a huge fan favorite, winning the actress her own web series spinoff, The Faith Diaries, which debuted last year on We caught up with Wool at the GBK Emmy luxury lounge last month to discuss her current project, Mr. Mercedes, and much more.

Were you a Stephen King fan before the show?

“Absolutely! Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption are some of my all time favorites. And It, when I was a kid, and The Shining. I feel like Stephen King has a lifetime of people attempting adaptions and some people create works of art and some people kind of failed. I feel like Mr. Mercedes has all the right components to sort of create this beautiful adaptation of a Stephen King book trilogy.”

Unlike Stand By Me and The Shawshank Redemption Mr. Mercedes is more on the horror side…

“Well, it is and it isn’t. As of right now, there isn’t any sort of supernatural components or horror genre type components, but it is a thriller and it is very much getting into the psychology of the characters. Our director, Jack Bender, always says it’s about the monsters on the inside more than on the outside.”

Who are the writers on the show?

“We have David E. Kelly of course and then we also have Dennis Lehane who’s a crime thriller novelist. So it has a lot of components of a detective, crime, and gumshoe genre and at times very funny.”

Did you always want to be an actress?

“I think I always wanted to be a performer. I had all sorts of dreams. I got a degree in psychology. I worked in a psychiatric center briefly. I wanted to be a director, I actually still want to direct. I think that eventually my career will turn to directing. I’m trying to produce a show right now with a director named Mathew Lessner. So yeah, I always liked performing and I always loved dance. I did performance dance for many years, but, my father was a scientist and I did go into college as a physics and theater double major.”

Physics and Theater double major? There’s probably not that many physics and theater double majors in the entertainment industry.

Yeah, I don’t think anybody else has a physics and theater major. I wonder sometimes if there’s a parallel version of me but a scientist.”

Where did you grow up? Where are you from?

“I’m from Champagne Urbana Illinois. My parents were professors at U of I and then we changed to the University of Delaware. And then I went to New York as soon as I turned 18.”

What are your future projects?

“Well last week I was on “Midnight Texas.” In a couple weeks I’ll be on “Vice Principals” there’s more “Mr. Mercedes” rolling in. So we’re not done yet with Mr. Mercedes. Right now, you can see two films that were released in the last few months XX and AWOL are on Netflix now, you can watch it. Yeah but most of all, I’m very excited about producing this television show with Mathew Lessner.”

What’s the name of the show that you are co-producing?

“In development.”(laughing) “Working Title In Development.” I worked on a project with Mathew Lesner called Automatic At Sea. Which was released recently.  Mathew Lesner has this very beautiful esthetic that’s very unusual and specific. He and I love working together so much that he’s sort of writing this show for me and it’s kind of a multi-verse detective story.”

Talking about esthetics and completely switching gears here, tell us a little about your fashion and style favorites. Are there any particular fashion or designers whom you favor?

“Everything I wear is usually vintage or second hand. I sort of got involved with the Los Angeles Fair Trade Fashion Show. This woman, Sica Schmitz has a website called Bead & Reel , which is all ethically designed clothing and also vegan clothing and so I think I’ve been educating myself on a lot of the downfalls of fast fashion and the environmental issues that are in tandem with the sort of fast fashion industry, so I’m very conscious in the clothing that I buy. If I’m ever buying leather, it’s always second-hand I don’t ever buy new leather. Most of my clothes are found in my parent’s basement. (Her jacket and top) the skirt she got at the Pasadena flea market.I think that the American shopping malls are kind of inundated with a lot of materials that are made in countries where there aren’t necessarily good work relations. I just encourage anyone who’s buying things to know where their clothes are coming from. Just like you would want to know where your food is coming from.”

Cover photos of Breeda Wool courtesy of GBK Productions

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